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Our Approaches

Community Based Participatory Approach

We acknowledge that communities have better solutions to the challenges that face them. We believe in listening & recognizing communities, empowering them and enhancing their capacities to effectively break the interlocking poverty trap. We adopt the Sustainable Livelihoods Framework to stimulate dialogue with communities about underlying factors that perpetuate poverty and enter consensus on how to eliminate vulnerability, illiteracy, exclusion and powerlessness.

Programme Quality

For our work to make the best possible contribution in tackling poverty, the programmes we deliver must be of the highest quality. They must be based on solid evidence, adhere to global standards and be subject to rigorous measurement. Delivering high quality programmes depends on our staff using robust processes to manage every aspect of our operations and programme work.

Working in Partnership

We believe in partnering with Government, donors, corporate and academia and other humanitarian and development actors in order to more effectively achieve our vision. This means combining our expertise to confront poverty in order to achieve sustainable development.


We are focused to contributing to the achievement of the sustainable development goals (SDGs).


SAADO is a national non-profit humanitarian and development organization dedicated to working with the youth and their communities to reach their full potential

Our Contact Address

Hai Cinema, Juba, South Sudan.



What We Do

Food Security & Livelihood

Gender And Protection

Education And Peace Building

Water, Sanitation & Hygiene


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SAADO is a national non-profit humanitarian and development organization dedicated